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Chris McConville on sub-prime mortgages

I’ve personally closed and funded thousands of mortgages including many subprime.  I now use my experience as an expert mortgage or credit witness.  I’ve been involved  in about 15 cases to date including both State and Federal Court.  I have a complete understanding of the entire loan process from start to finish including loan applications, mortgage underwriting, appraisal procedures, risk based pricing, DO, LP, FHA, automated underwriting, yield spread premiums and funding.  If you need to know the truth about lending, learn if from someone who has real life experience.  I’m available as an expert mortgage or credit witness for both Plaintiff and Defense work.

I can be reached at 724-312-4793 for case review or to answer any questions.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Thanks for the information you provided. My attorney will be getting in contact you to get your retained. I was able to tell within one minute you had the experience I need. Thanks

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